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spanish for fetus, male/female, with a larger head in comparison and porpostion to body. used in hispanic regions such as miami, where latin is influeced in every day language
hey gomez mike looks like such a feto
by myke prez June 02, 2006
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friends eating their offspring. associated with lovely ladies commonly named Annalicia, Vivian & Catherine. a society of friends who eat their friends & offspring & encourage others to do so. also organized in a hierarchy as follows: "The FETO Mamuhs" & "The fetus". the members of this society are commonly found lurking around malls & causing trouble. this society is not only limited to 18 year old girls, as they have 70-80 year old counterparts discovered in the movie theater showing "Atonement". they resteraunt hop & a sing loudly in moving vehicles. Dennys is a common stomping ground for these girls. they have their own language, that i just a longer way to say simple things as well as a form of salutations that include the waving of hands accompanied by "ayy no no uiii". 2 of the 3 members of this society have EXTREMELY small hands with small feet. they often engage in arguments concerning the terminology that refers to beans or just green beans: "habichuelas". these girls are insane. they are random as fuck. loud, smart & extremely creative creatures. not to mention beautiful. often answer things with "nah" or "nah, chill with that, yo" they come from diff. countries. 2 of the members are imported. which makes them expensive to maintain ; strongly believe in polygomy & think others should practice it as well. they're all married to each other. as well as to hot ladies such as Mirtle(: they enjoy watching lil bush & other cartoons via the phone. they are also funny creatures. so funny, in fact, they should have their own show on comedy central right after the Colbert report. they cant be stoped. the only thing that can make them quiet is food(: their hooches & biffles to the max, yo.
"omg, alex. have you seen those FETO mamuhs?"
"FETO mamuhs are totally jezzio"
"FETO is a way of life"
"AYYYYY no no uiiiii" said the FETO mamuh"
"FETOs love to jeezz it up"
by Annalicia June 18, 2008
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