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Yeah, me and my girlfriend had ferret sex last night.

I love when we have ferret sex :)

She makes me feel special when we have ferret sex.
by Torment October 21, 2005
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To enjoy vigorous, enthusiastic mutually thrilling sexual intercourse with complete abandon; i.e. with no thought whatsoever to noise levels and their effects on the immediate environment or persons therein, no thought to being seen, heard and/or recorded, and no thought regarding anything at all; simply a mindless, albeit joyful focus on the objective (the next orgasm or orgasms to be had; the kind which leave your partner shuddering and sputtering like ... well ... like a wild, crazed ferret, presumably one who has ingested hallucinogens, and which has just boinked and been boinked to the point of quivery, squeeky and giggle-filled exhaustion.)
"My roommate brought some guy home, and they were fucking like wild, crazed ferrets on acid for hours! Ferret sex galore! It was awesome!!"

"Yeah, he acts a little shy, but I can tell by the way he looks at me, that we'll be fucking like wild, crazed ferrets on acid before sunrise! Ferret sex kicks ass!"
by WC Ferret December 19, 2007
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