One of those incredible women that only very few people will ever actually get to play with unless you pay a lot of cash or somehow, comparable of those few who get to drive a decent Ferrari!
Gray: Pulled with Claire last night!
Chris: Mate, that's like the Ferarri of this dump!
Gray: Hell yeah!
by Yiddogray November 19, 2007
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Ferarri Girl

AKA "the non beer drinker", all suspiscions point towards a tendancy to want to be female.
Often seen hitting on a milli-hyena or a riki-maraton, there is no level low enough to stoop.
A romantic at heart to the naked eye its camaflage does not last long.

This creature also shows early signs of balding through a fast receding hairline.
An attempt is often made to distract any victim for a moment so that a quick peep can
be had at a females breasts. Yes, this is the animals weakpoint. Often wishing he had his own
to play with, the ferarri's eyes linger here longer than socially acceptable.

This is one of the fastest land animals. Although modes of travel are ofetn replaced and updated
this cruise-controller is often travelling way above acceptable limits, much to the dismay and distress of the sluggish
riki maraton.

The Ferarri has a tandancy to be a bit touchy and can at times be more than BITCHY!!! Get her drunk though, and you have
an easy lay. Much to the dismay of this creature, the other members of the pack often try to allocate the ferarri
to "jump the grenade." Seldom complying with the packs wishes, the ferarri will be seen falling asleep in a club or pub
after having one-and-a-half too many.

Hitting a joint is definitaley a specticle in its company. Bordering on madness, the Ferarri attempts to grow hair
on its chest by over-doing things a bit in this regard.

A mini, some heels and the ferarri is ready for a girls night...
ferarri is a girl and she's ugly
by gareth schnehage April 8, 2005
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Any modified car, usually a small import street racer with an overly large exhast pipe.
"Man, that was a great (unintelligible)!"

"What was that? I couldn't hear anything over that lame-ass Puerto Rican Ferarri."
by Crash Davis II August 21, 2008
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