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Whiting (slang)- An oppressive term used to dismiss anything written by a white person as pandering to white people. Often meant as the only reason why someone may have accomplished something.
Origin: Downtown in New Orleans. Believed to have arrived or coined in the late 2013.
Some might say that the only reason why Barack Obama won the election was, because his speeches were filled with whiting. This is used as a double whammy insult, because Barack Obama's skin color is black. Another more original way the term has been used would be like saying that "Steven King doesn't know how to write, but he sure as hell is a good whiter"(noun version of whiting) or "All his books are successful, because there isn't anything in it, but whiting."
by ThePPPfromTumblr July 9, 2014
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The practice of sexism, extremism, terrorism, misandry, racism, heterophobism and/or oppression hidden by a claim to be practicing feminism. Often found to be scapegoating heterosexual men for all societal and cultural problems. The term was coined sometime during the on-going current third wave feminist movement.
Feminazi- Noun
"That male hating woman was a feminazi."

"Saying that women shouldn't have to learn self-defense and that men should stop raping is feminazism, because men and women both commit rapes and men get raped too by males and females."
by ThePPPfromTumblr July 10, 2014
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