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a small ass town where old ladies GOSSIP about the little sluts who walk around thinking they are the shit. Where everyone knows you somehow because of your reputation. AKA..migoland!
Fellsmere:"OYYEEEEE, MIRALA"..IRALA IRALA..AYYY NOOOOOOO manches...."adivina quien se fue con el novio?".."ya se la robaron?"..tan chiquilla y ya...
by patrocina January 17, 2008
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1. An individual who believes they're part of a prominent socioeconomic level status due to their perspective last names.

2. Fellsmere, in conjunction to the idea of wealth; brings upon ideologies that derive from the residents country of origin which are past from one generation to another. These ideas pertain to wealth, "moral values", and socioeconomic hierarchy position within the city of Fellsmere.

3. The ownership of material, land, and monetary savings in their country of origin (Latin America) sets the idea of an affluent lifestyle by which they set the idea that if they're economically stable in Latin America, then their stability (status) applies anywhere they immigrate (live permanently in a foreign country) to, in this case, Fellsmere, FL, USA.!

4. Fellsmere, person who is low-income and/or stands at a low socioeconomic tier in the U.S hierarchy, yet have hierarchy levels within that low socioeconomic tier!

Tony's encapsulated thoughts lead to a controversial discourse by which he persisted believing that his Fellsmere would influence a positive outcome!
by ExposeTheExposure March 08, 2017
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