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The infinitive form of the act of felatio.
Using one's tongue, lips, and/or any part of the mouth to lubricate, stimulate, and give pleasure to the genitals of another person, i.e. eating pussy, sucking dick, munching box, giving head, muff diving.
I just about dropped a brown brick when I caught Jenny fucking Wollack felating my boyfriend's cock!

Ben and Brad spent the night felating each other's throbbing dicks by the open fire.

Last Sunday, Tammy came over to Coleen's to Netflix and chill, but halfway through the movie, they found themselves felating one another's clits for what seemed like hours until they simultaneously burst with orgasmic pleasure.

Sarah couldn't help but ask to be felated in return by her bff Tommy.
by CookBoxPro May 17, 2016
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