Female Follower on one's twitter account.
There's lots of hot fefos sending me DMs; gonna try to get 'em to send me pics.
by Nogg October 26, 2012
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a wierd thingy; a mishappening
Hes and fefo person.
by fefo November 22, 2006
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A furry vagina that gets torn alot from having so many children.
Erica: My fefoe used to be tight. Then it tore when I had my son Cletus.
by dansand32 November 6, 2009
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An acronym describing finishing a task early and making an exit to pursue more meaningful and satisfying activities. i.e. Finish Early, F**k Off.
(Sam:) Tim, did I see you leaving the office at 3pm?
(Tim:) Yeah, not much going on in the world of light fittings today so I fefo'd that shit, went home and jacked it.


Have you heard about the latest meme on Urban Dictionary? you gotta check out FEFO, it's a thing now, everyone's using it... if you don't you're not cool anymore (assuming you were cool in the first place).
by zoomlion March 12, 2011
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