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Similar to tantric sex, ...prolonging the act and therefore pleasure of crapping through patience, restraint and breathing techniques until the faecal orgasm is achieved...
Dude, I had no work to do this morning so I sat on the office toilet for 2 hours achieving a prolonged orgasm of faeces through tantric shitting... awesome
by zoomlion February 27, 2009

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Administration of pure and unadulterated truthfulness, the astringency of which is enough to cleanse the filthy bowels of a deluded soul.
Everybody kept telling Chris that they were sure his girlfriend was always working late and not staying behind to fuck her boss.
I being a true friend decided to administer a truth enema, and inform him that his girlfriend is probably getting reamed over the copy machine daily, nightly and ever so rightly.
Thus he was able to able to cleanse himself of the female infectious human waste and lead a fulfilling life.
by Zoomlion January 15, 2010

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An acronym describing finishing a task early and making an exit to pursue more meaningful and satisfying activities. i.e. Finish Early, F**k Off.
(Sam:) Tim, did I see you leaving the office at 3pm?
(Tim:) Yeah, not much going on in the world of light fittings today so I fefo'd that shit, went home and jacked it.


Have you heard about the latest meme on Urban Dictionary? you gotta check out FEFO, it's a thing now, everyone's using it... if you don't you're not cool anymore (assuming you were cool in the first place).
by zoomlion March 12, 2011

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