One who has sex after nightfall. Moreover, one who has secret liasons after nightfall to elude detection by others.
She's nothing but a nasty night feeder; her trade would rumble in the light of day.
by Michael James April 27, 2005
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A cum feeder is a guy who likes feeding his cum to willing cocksuckers. He actually gets off on having his cum swallowed after a blowjob or fuck. Typically a cum feeder tries to feed his girlfriend or cocksucker as much cum as he can, but will never return the favour.
Sara: "Does John make you swallow it?"

Jane: "Are you kidding? He's a total cum feeder. He say's he'll break up with me if I don't swallow it!"
by urlocal December 09, 2011
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The penis used to spread/deepen the vagina to support another larger/wider penis and ensure the female can properly take and enjoy the penis she desires.q
Kellie says "Diamond, your dick is way too big I think you need to call Jerry to come over as a feeder cock to open me up so I can enjoy you"
by FeederCockCreator March 12, 2015
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Star Feeder is a person who considers themself a foodie and puts up with long waits and exorbitant prices to eat at celebrity chef restaurants and TV foodie show places like Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's "Girl & The Goat" or any place Anthony Bourdain recommends or, atleast anyplace celebrities have often been seen eating.

It is the culinary corollary to Star Fucker. The idea that somehow eating there will allow you to ingest some celebrity for yourself.
They can't seat us at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill until 11:30 PM and the drinks at the bar are $12 and up! We are such shameless star feeders....
by Buzzk January 13, 2012
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A sexual act consisting of simultaneously ejaculating inside your partner's vagina whilst vomiting in her mouth.

Variations of this act include "The Dirty Bird Feeder" which employs a similar method but in the classic 69 position.
Dude, I totally gave your sister the bird feeder last night!

That bird last night was so minging I accidentally gave her the bird feeder.

The wife wanted to try new things in bed but was less than happy when I tried The Bird Feeder out on her without prior warning.
by Noise Boy November 18, 2011
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