1) of or related to feces
2) feces like
uhhhh...where's that been? It smells feculent!
mmmmmm....feculent. <when describing something bad, sarcastically>
by Mr. Awesome February 27, 2004
Relating to feces, specifically something smelling like feces or sharing common traits with feces.
Yo she had some insane fromunda on her taint. Was something feculent!


That ho is a fecal monster, she's My Miss Feculent.
by Karn April 25, 2006
The reaction and process of shit happening for no reason in particular.
Jeff was walking down the road and stepped in shit. He is a victim of Feculation.
by glenn7227 November 25, 2014
The Act of producing feces
Look Marge, the baby is starting to Feculate
by TheReal_MrPickles August 27, 2009