the baddest bitches born on february 11!! it’s hot girl summer ALL YEAR for these dimes. They are outgoing, seriously the most beautiful and bubbly people. no matter guy or girl, being born on february 11 means you are extra ordinary. just look at taylor lautner
dave: dang what’s today’s date?
mark: february 11, the best day of the year.
The day when the most beautiful, talented, caring, and best girl in the world was born, Park Chaeyoung.
"What day is today?"

"It's daysé, it's February 11!"
by seulgi love bot October 15, 2019
Just a random day. Seriously, why would you search for a random day? Please find a better alternative to waste your time!
by Phoenixgreif October 15, 2019
Feburary 11 is National slap your tall friend in the face day. This is for people who are short and can’t reach their tall friends face any day.
Short: yo dude get on my level here
Tall: why?

Short: it’s February 11 national slap your tall friend in the face day
Tall: oh shit it is?!
by Yourfriendlyneighbourhoodshort October 26, 2019
Hug your boyfriend or Crush just to make them feel appreciated
Girl:”hey it’s February 11”
Guy :”aye
by Amber2010 February 11, 2020
My favorite persons birthday she is the greatest prettiest person ever
She’s not a boomer she was born on February 11
by Jdhfjfj November 5, 2019
The day when you almost born on Valentine's day, but you prefer born early so you got gift and chocolate.
Breathe when you read.
Some will be crackhead and they can be an evil person.

Ambitious person but, crackhead. That's it
When are you born? A day where evil born and ruin the chocolate party, it's February 11
by Your delightful crackhead October 18, 2019