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A legend within the underground extreme sports crowd in Kelowna B.C. The fease will out drink, out shred and overall out party anyone. It is even rumored that he dances naked to entertain himself rather than others. Some people say he has no morals and no fear. He has even coined phrases such as belig, scoping hole, and sniffing moisties.
The fease is like batman. Nobody knows his true identity. He travels around searching for bunk parties to make awesome. He is the man.
by ktownkillakdub February 05, 2010
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When you’re wearing a very tight shirt/ or blouse and when you sit down you can see your feases (fat crease). Usually happens on femals or very over-weight male specimens.
oh my god i can see your feases!!!
Put a loose shirt on so i can see your feases.
Dont wear that cindy! Your feases are showing take it off now!
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by Bryyscolaa January 23, 2018
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