Fealings are emotions that people feal and go threw,if you here words from your mind they are not suppose to be your fealings,they should be called spiritually thoghts,if you did see spiritual thoghts; check with yourself too make sure its what you actually want to feel,humans shouldint here their concious,their concious is suppose too be their fealings,what they go threw and ehat they rember.
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by regardless devon victory June 26, 2008
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this is a mash up of the words "feel" and "deal" and can be used as an alternative when asking/ telling people what the deal is. Its derives from a typical Jessie J moment whilst on a live U Stream when she mashed the two words together (by accident & it kind of works!)
So heres the feal right..
by Beckybo0 December 21, 2011
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when a guy tries to feel up a woman's breasts without asking.
"Yo man, last night, I hooked up with this girl, and I went to cop a feal, and she was lovin' it!"
by Will Rosenberg March 05, 2008
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