Fazo is a slang term used multiculturaly and is simply another word for the Nike shoe Air Force 1
“Yo I just copped me some new all white fazos“
Dawg i been having fazos, look at my black ones”
by ATKEdgar April 16, 2020
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term for facing a blunt; or smoking a blunt all to oneself
“Im go home Fazo then knock”
“Match some?!, “Nah Im finna Fazo this get to the crib
by caliboi98 January 17, 2018
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Slang for a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, nicknamed by Chicago rapper G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb).
Yo Colton just don't step on these all white G-Fazos!
by Boss Baby Colt August 23, 2017
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A Finnesser, a God, a person who can get away with anything a person that can cheat anything and is a diamond in a pile of dirt. He is also your girls Daddy!!
Craft Daddy Fazo took all my money and the keys to my alfa forero but i love him anyways.
by king._fazo_ May 24, 2017
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