A word popularized by automotivetech.org for something that is either homosexual or just lame. This word is often used as a noun, but can be an adjective as well.

The word stems from the often misspelling of the word 'gay' as 'fay' and the acceptance.
I got a hard on when the TSA put his finger up my butt.
Wow, you're quite a fayt.

That's just fayt.
by Falkon November 3, 2006
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Fayte is the most extraordinary person on earth. She is my best friend in the entire world! Fayte is really nice but if you make her mad she can get real salty. One time my bestie cheated on me with my boyfriend (now ex) and she kept telling her she was gonna snap her neck!!! Fayte is also incredibly popular and beautiful! She gets all the boys and I'm over here still looking for a man... Anyways the point is fayte is AMAZINGGG!!(im not lesbian)
Guy : Shes hot who is she
Me: you don't wanna mess with her
Fayte: Who the fxck is this
Guy: oh shxt I'm outta here
by uglybishkat56902 July 3, 2019
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1: An absence of being skinny

2: Consuming large quantities of food and sitting around doing nothing.

3: Almost anything that has to do with not loosing weight

4: Eating terrible food just because its cheap and there's alot of it
Fayt Man #1: "Dude you're going to Cicis a seccond day in a row? I thought we were dieting!

Fayt Man #2:MMMMMMMMmmmmmm yea I know! Its helping my stamina! Come to my office and I'll show you the ways.

Fayt Man #1:Hmm? Ohh alright. . . . .That's a long fucking walk though.
by The dashdash April 22, 2010
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Meaning a girl with a "big" or "fat ass", derived from Tampa Florida.
ex1: "Dang that hoochie got a fayte back!"

Ex2: "Yo I wish I had a fayte back like Sam."
by Willie Fresh February 21, 2009
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a loving person, cheerful, and bring joy to others
fayt is a loving person
by pseudocoodee12 November 23, 2021
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