Fight faya with faya...!
Jump in the fayyaaah...!
Gimme fuel, gimme faya, gimme that which I desayah...!
by Mach Jabber April 24, 2008
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it is a word used in the netherlands, and it simply means. that is to bad man.
boy 1: yo i got grounded man.
boy 2: faya man
by dutch urban translator November 8, 2015
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someone who keeps making deez nuts jokes and is overall a very sweet and funny person and talented. karl jacobs apologist😃☝️
thats very faya man
by nihachuapologist May 5, 2021
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Faya is someone that is delightful to be around. She can be a bitch sometimes but she makes it up by being super cute. This person frequently has substance abuse issues. This person has a hard time finding a stable relationship as they usually last around 2 weeks. They are quite stupid.
Tavio: have you seen this bitch faya she quite rude
Daniel: homie you trippin
by Ps4 is gay December 31, 2021
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