the universally recognized way to get around a swear filter.... so just deal with it and leave me the fawk alone :P
Person 1: XO I hate the *** filter!
Person 2: Dude it just filtered u again!
Person: Fawk this fawking filter this is so fawked up!
by owGods *Sunshine* May 20, 2012
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fawk (noun); fawked, fawker, fawkin

1. used to address someone

2. da asian pronunciation to the word fuck (how my old man would say it...)
1. Aye, you fawk.



FAWK you nigga shit.
by koodang February 21, 2005
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fawk,fawken,fawked. basically means fuck. used in Counter-Strike, to get around Swear filters =D
GUY:WTF your so gay dude you ****!
Me: HA what a fawken idiot!
Me: you got nocked tha fawk out!
by Sins February 16, 2003
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A word very widely used in a text based web game bots (
Used in many variations, most often as a synonym for word 'fuck'.
Also used to address someone, but not meant insulting.
Using word 'fawk' in most cases is not insulting.
The most popular meaning for the word is to address someone who likes to pretend to be homo sexual.
Oh shit, mainframe fawked up his bot.

Hey fawks! Whats up?

Xisor is a total fawk.
by Dexter January 11, 2004
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Fawkes is a super mutant and possible companion in Fallout 3 with the distinction of having retained his civility and intellectual capacity through the rigors of mutation in 2277.

When the Lone Wanderer first encounters Fawkes, he is confined to Isolation Room 05, a cell in Vault 87 in which he has resided for as long as memory permits. Fawkes claims that he was able to attain literacy and a civilized personality (things most super mutants sorely lack) by gleaning as much information as possible from the vault's immense online database (or at least until recently as the terminal that he used was taken away from him). Fawkes credits his intimate knowledge of Vault 87 to being a resident there before being transformed into a super mutant, additionally he wears a Vault 87 Jumpsuit which is heavily torn, possibly due to his outgrowing it while mutating.
Lone Wanderer-"Fawkes, can u enter the poison chamber for me?"
Fawkes-"It is not my destiny"
Me-"WTF, u can survive this, and i still gotta die!!!"
by zigzagelfy June 17, 2010
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