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Someone who doesn't realise they are a bogan; Middle and upper class offspring with a propensity for utes, VB, alcopops, hoodies, dunlop volleys and classic Australian pub rock bands like Cold Chisel; All ass, no class.
Also, a bogan who pretends they are not; A bogan who has swapped their flanno, stonewash jeans, VB and West Coast Cooler for designer gear, stella artois and alcopops.
"That hoodie is totally fauxgan."
"Why would you buy a monaro, are you a fauxgan?"
"Shazza can shop at DJs all she wants but we know a fauxgan when we see one."
by melzybub July 21, 2009
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The term Fauxgan describes the new wave of bogan that sports the faux-hawk, drinks and takes drugs to excess and can usually be spotted in surfy shirts, board shorts and thongs. This breed of bogan is native to night spots such as the Deen, the Cott and the OBH.
"Look at the fauxgan passed out in the gutter!"
by Mr Beech January 14, 2009
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