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Cold Chisel are a hard rock band from Australia. They originally formed in 1973. They broke up in 1993 and have had various reunions over the years, their last reunion was in 2009 and they are still performing.

Cold Chisel play a hard-edged form of Australian pub rock frequently augmented by piano. They have played songs with a variety of tempos over the years, typically the "rockers" have a bluesy structure and a rockabilly flavour (a bit like a manic Creedence Clearwater Revival). They are also known for ballads such as 'Khe Sanh' (possibly their most well-known song) and atypical songs such as 'No Sense', a ska-influenced number about an obsessive fan.

The band is considered to be popular with yobbos/bogans, an uncultured subset of working-class European Australians, and for this they are much maligned. However if the knockers took some time to look over many of the song lyrics they would discover that the sophistication and introspection would match much of the best of what bands with more "high-class" fans have to offer, and would surpass them in heartfeltness and relevancy in the real world.

Members: Jimmy Barnes (vocals)

Ian Moss(guitar/vocals)

Don Walker(piano/keyboard)

Phil Small(bass)

Steve Prestwich(drummer) (dec.)
I saw Cold Chisel on stage at the Deniliquin Ute Muster in 2010 and they were great.

In a way it is good that they never made it big in America, they could have ended up doing an INXS and destroyed any credibility they have for ever after. Imagine Cold Chisel with a Canadian Elvis impersonator for a singer........
by Max Ballroom August 02, 2011
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