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A condition in which the fecal excrement consists mainly of liquid water which can in severe cases lead to dehydration.
That Mexican food gave me a serious case of faucet ass.

Did someone turn the shower on?

--No, thats just Jim and his faucet ass
by wankernutz February 07, 2004
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The act of uncontrollable, watery diarrhea that keeps you from leaving the house all day. A non-stop undesirable bodily function that acts like a running faucet.
"Hey Phil what's up with running to the john all day, don't you have to go to work?"
"Yeah man, I do, I just can't turn off my Faucet Ass."
by Carol L. June 22, 2014
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When your ass runs like a faucet. Perhaps the worst way to take a poop, it can often burn on the way out, and may vary from a leaky sink to a power washer on max pressure setting in strength.
Ugh, my ass has been running like a faucet! I'm mildly upset about this!

You mean faucet ass, John.
by Buffalo Souljah April 03, 2008
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