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a wealthy and stylish pace and quality of life that emphasizes quick and precise response to competition
Life in the fast lane is believed to limit room for healthy eating.
by The Return of Light Joker June 03, 2009
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The lane; which is commonly to the left of all traffic, used for passing especially when one would wish to speed
You could pass him in the fast lane.
by Jacobe October 16, 2005
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Amazing TV show that came on in 2002-2003 on FOX: hot cars, hot guys, hot girls, hot music, hot of the only shows after 21 Jump Street (in the '80s) that made cops look cool.

Then all of a sudden, FOX decided to be a prick and move it to Friday nights and people stopped watching it. Why was this a stupid decision? Because each episode costed $2.6MILLION dollars to shoot in the Warner Bros. Studios - who would put a show with an extremely high cost of production on a Friday night?!

The series ended on a major cliffhanger with Billie being kidnapped and fans like myself were left with no resolution. Fastlane came out on DVD in July 2008 but sales were very low. Why? Because the entire soundtrack was changed due to copyright issues. It no longer had the same feel to it.

As a huge Fastlane fan, I hope that in the future we get a better DVD set, blu-ray collection of Fastlane, a Fastlane movie and a Fastlane SEASON 2.
Person 1: yo did u watch Fastlane yesterday?!

Person 2: yh it was well sik. did you see when van pissed on that dog?

Person 1: init! Van is da man.

Person 1: I'm so gutted Fastlane finished!

Person 2: I KNOW! We didn't even get to see what happened to Billie! Are they making a season 2?

Person 1: no. FOX are too poor.
by takemeback June 01, 2010
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I crappy show that fox used to steal my alias.
by Fastlane January 29, 2004
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