Look! It's a warning!

Adjective for an interesting-spectacular item that is also frightening and maybe appalling depending on your point of view.
You noticed that all Debbie's friends have been getting pregnant lately?
Really? Fascin-achtung!

I heard the math teacher told Sherry that she is sultry

Jerry is making a u-pick sign for his skunk weed patch

by prettyrudegirl February 25, 2016
a plan to make out with someone before the end of the night
So you choose Stew to succeed in operation fascination?
by libby! May 10, 2006
Something that sounds accurate and "right," but is actually and literally wrong or incorrect; something that sounds good on paper, but just doesn't work out in reality.
John: blah blah blah, blah blah blah.... (preaching about the wisdom and teachings of buddhism)
Tyler: Wow, John. That is some fascinating bullshit. Now, have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?


Jessica: Tantra is so much deeper than just sex, although that's a perk ;) It's actually the opportunity to find yourself and develop your soul. Not to mention connect with the universe and feel and give love!

Ted: Wow, Jessica. I see what you're saying. That is some fascinating bullshit. Now, why don't you try two things: reading a bible and sexual morality. Tantra is yoga. Yoga is centered on allowing your spirit to interact with false idols, usually associated with each chakra. Tantra is that plus sexual immority. Orgies aren't a spiritual exercise, orgies are immoral and make us no better than bonobos, aka MONKEYS. Stick to the word of God if you want the truth (bible).
by Fascinating Bullshit June 21, 2011
A new girl/boyfriend who you cannot stop talking about. Generally making your friends sick.
Tom: Jim just keeps telling me boring things about his fascinating new thing, Shelly.
Bill: Doesn't he know you're single and lonely?
Tom: yeah....
by Crow May 30, 2006
n. condition that consumes one's character to the point of analyzing the substance, validity and quantity of their hobbies and moreover the hobbies of others. Extreme cases include "I've got more hobbies than you and they are better than yours" tantrums and reaching hobby goals of several new hobbies a week to secure the "I've got more hobbies than you and they are better than yours" quarrel. No cure exists for these hobbyist due to the developmental issues that plague the brain in a constant, old hobby, present hobby and future hobby beat that never finds closure.
Don't pet him, he's got hfd(hobby fascination disorder.
by alpha nfi December 27, 2008
A meme where usually a dog is confronted by another animal that they've never seen before. They have a meme-y response.
Doggo: "omgosh who r u"
Turtle: "i shell boi"
Doggo: "wow doing me a fascinate"
by foilhats April 27, 2018
one of the only books in the world actually worth reading
The Strange Fascinations Of Noah Hypnotik is one of the only books in the world worth reading
by ThatLittyKidd May 19, 2020