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Farting in ones hand while keeping it contained and putting it in someones face.
Andy's fart grenade made Josh pass out
by Andrew Stump June 14, 2005
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A Widely used tactic in the bed, casually used like this:
1. pretend you are holding a grenade
2. fart in your pretend grenade
3. hover your grenade over the victims nose.
watch his/her's reaction.
A unsuspected fart grenade was used in bed.
Jerry: grenade!
Kiersten: what?
Kiersten: Eww!
Jerry: GOTY!
Kiersten: It smells like a gas chamber!
by [InsertXboxLiveGamertagHere] November 16, 2019
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When you fart into a pair of clean balled up socks and throw them at someone.
the conversation was interrupted by mooses fart grenade.
by mu shin September 11, 2019
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