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The end product of a Japanese family car after a 16-year-old gets done with it. Makes more noise than power. See: ricer, rice boy.
"Man, listen to that fart cart. Is the exhaust supposed to smoke that much?"
by tradesman April 01, 2003
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All small cars with twatish big bore exhausts.
I wish would turn the engine off on that Fart Cart while he is parked there, I cant hear the fucking telly.
selfish boy racer twat corsa show off
by vaders-love-child October 21, 2015
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Making a butt load of fart glasses and putting it into a shopping cart. Then rolling the cart into a mall of people.
Those people pissed me off. I'm gonna deliver a fartcart to their office.
by LafayetteYette October 01, 2010
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a foldable shopping cart often seen being used by the elderly and other pedestrians to haul their groceries home.
don't forget to bring your fart cart to the farmers market! you know you always buy more than you intend.
by supercarrot March 28, 2006
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