a smell that is only pleasent 2 u...4 thoose around u it smells like roten eggs or somtin!!!!!!
holy crap! that fart stinks >:Þ
by t-p 4 my bunghole January 17, 2004
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Ass Blast, gass, bad when she farts while getting her fudge packed.
The Polish sausage and beer I had last night is making me fart.
by Maxwell September 25, 2003
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A smelly gas produced from someone's back side, this can be faked by sticking your tounge out and blowing. This technique can be used to drive someone to the brink of insanity.
Person 1: "Now I just have to defuse this bomb and-"
Person 2: * makes fake fart noise*
Person 1: "Will you stop?!!!" * accidentally cuts wrong wire*
by Lorenzo Mortelli April 06, 2007
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To let loose the inner beast. To pollute your drawers!

Here I sit, same as ever... took a dump & pulled the lever
The toilet flushed, the water flowed. Look out world it's a motherload!!
Wholey shit! That brocolli let loose my inner beast!!! That was a rotten fart!!!
by Naughty Redhaired Angel January 12, 2006
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1. expulsion of gas
2. exclamation from 3rd grade. by 4th grade you've grauated to "crap" then on to "shit"
1. i farted. it was a hot one.
2. oh fart! i'm about to fall.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
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A type of yawn that comes out of a whole by your gluts also know as the butt hole.
The silent-but-deadly: A fart that you cant hear but it is one of the worst smelling things in the entire universe.

The fire cracker: The type of fart where you squat down over someones head and just let it rip, it makes a tear sound but its not your pants.

The grim reaper: This fart just sneaks up out of no where and just bursts out and then every one just looks at you like "What the hell!"

The juicy one: You no that one which you think your going to fart but than you just splatter every where and you have to get new underwear . Yah that one.

The let her rip: The one where you can feel it coming and you yell "fire out the hole!!!" and every one runs as the loud BOOM comes out you ass.

The batman: The fart that lets batman know that someone has been killed by a fart.
by Enyaht November 15, 2017
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The deadliest thing known to mankind
Guy 1: Oh shit, she's going to blow!
*Anus Farts*
Anus: Pffffffffffttttttttt
* Guy 1 suffocates to death*
by Corey the best Definer July 17, 2016
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