Farras is the kindest guy you’ll ever meet. Usually will have a glow up in later teen years and become attractive. Tends to look best with facial hair. They’re very intelligent people and many farras’ will get a good job. Very funny and tends to act tough but inside they are soft and loving. Farras’ get distracted easily and they like to enjoy alone time.
Wow look how nice Farrasbeard is
by Alaska777 April 11, 2020
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Farras is a Physiognomist, a person supposedly able to judge character (or, formerly, to predict the future) from facial characteristics. expert in Physiognomy.
Arabic old science Physiognomy or Al-Farasa, to be a know-all expert knows human physiognomy, knowing person's facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin. an expert art of judging character from facial characteristics. in the Arabian history Firas an expert can find origins and characteristics from reading human or animal footsteps.
"Arabian tribes used to follow a runaway and know him by hiring an expert Farras to read his footsteps on the sands."
by Fir June 18, 2015
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it is a slang word to say fiesta or party
Last night I went to a really fun farra.
by dj princess September 23, 2007
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