When a guy looks so hot, in online dating walking in a bar, but always with a hat on. Once you meet him in person or go to find him in the bar, hats off, no hot guy, he went fantom.
Kris with a K was so hot, until he took his hat off and went fantom I couldn’t even fuck him in the dark.
by Boo boo and the sheriff December 28, 2017
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best ddr player in the world
wow, the fantom just AAA'ed R&P while delivering a baby, and finishing my homework!
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
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a poo which you do but you dont feel it come out, you just hear the slash, you then look in the toilet and it isnt there.
When you have a slippy poo (Fantom Poo) and it goes down the pipe on its own
by Tizmo January 9, 2008
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Fantom of the Opera is a very powerful drink made from a combination of 40% Mellow Yellow, 10% Orange Fanta, and 50% 100 proof vodka. However more vodka can be added depending on how much of a real man you are.
Tool: "Did you just put orange Fanta in your King Size cup of Mellow Yellow??"
Real Man: "Yeah dip shit. I'm gonna see the Fantom of the Opera tonight!"
Tool: "You're so cool. Can I blow you?"
Real Man: "You're a fag, why do I hang out with you? Go drink some black gold you homo.
by Funky_G November 22, 2009
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An unidentified person that shits without flushing. This designation is particularly appropriate when they leave a solid oversized log of feces for the toilet's next patron to find.
"Hey dude, the Fantom Logger just destroyed the shitter! You shoulda seen the size of that nasty sewer trout they left; must've been sitting there all day before I found it..."
by The Fantom Logger November 4, 2013
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A poo which you do that you dont feel come out, you don't have to wipe and it flushes itself. You just hear the splash.
Roddy "I just did a Fantom Poo".

Tom "Lovely".
by Zute Zute October 11, 2009
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