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When a fan tries to explain something to a pro athlete, coach, GM or entertainer about the pro's craft. Takeoff of mansplaining.
(fan) "If you open your batting stance, you'll see the ball better."
(pro athlete) "Quit fansplaining! I'm the pro athlete, not you!"
by The Runs June 10, 2017
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The act fans of a particular franchise (TV series, book series, sport, etc.) talking down to or about fans that they don't see as "legitimate" fans.
Karen is always fansplaining about how new and younger fans are ruining fandom.
by Fandom Raider September 24, 2019
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A spiel given by a comic book/film franchise know it all/fan boy about something in the movie condescending over others who are understanding the plot at face value.
"You don't understand George, Jean Grey eventually becomes the most powerful X Men so that's why her eyes turn red."
"Stop fansplaining , Garry."
by CrankyBob June 06, 2018
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