Fami is a beautiful, smart and athletic queen🤪.She has an amazing sense of humour, trustworthy, respectful girl who's always fighting and never gives up. Once you find someone like her never give up on her because she's a rare gem and anyone who finds her is extremely lucky to have her.
Fami is beautiful
by Texter3000 February 18, 2019
A girl, she is really generous and kind. She is a hearted and loving girl. May be she is beautiful or pretty ordinary, her morality is very good.
She is like a famy honored by God.
by famy September 28, 2019
A woman that belongs to Erl
Ms. Famie is the wife of Mr. Erl
by pogi si erl June 8, 2021
Most beautiful girl in the whole world, she's like the god of beauty and brains.
All of the man in the world fell in love with Famie.
by pogi si erl June 8, 2021
Yesterday, January 28, a day which
will live in famy .....
by Robert Maniscalco February 2, 2004
A crazy bitch who is obsessive and never leaves the house. She could be schizophrenic.
Man, that famie is never going to get a man if she keeps acting psycho.
by vincemayer11 October 23, 2013