1) an untrue lie
2) a contradictional statement negating what is known as false
3) another way of saying a statement is true
4) an over-extended version of the truth
"Danika thats such a false lie!"
"Taylor, you just said false lie."
"It is known as a false lie, therefore it is said to be true."
by choopee October 3, 2006
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Purposly claiming a known truth is a lie.
Jamie said that Minecraft doesn't exist but that is a false lie
by Melee1114 January 19, 2019
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When you tell a lie but it turns out to be true.
Bill didn’t watch the Broncos game on Sunday. He asked his coworker Ron if he knew who won. Ron also didn’t watch the game but confidently stated that the Broncos won by 11. Bill was ecstatic! And decided to look up the game stats. The score stated Broncos won 21-10. Ron was correct even though he was lying. Ron told a false lie.
by Koshinku September 15, 2020
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