a word used to describe something that is not working well or is really crap. Derived from a multitude of yiddish words
sam: this is a fakakta cake

Daniel: This fakakta car has broken done again.
by colonial cool November 17, 2006
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Bad, not working well, "fucking". From German, verkackt(e, er), shitty (Kacke, shit)
Jeff: "What's with your fakakta shoes?" (Curb your Enthusiasm)
by Mardil June 3, 2009
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<Yiddish origin> A person or thing who is completely crazy/fucked up.
(example 1) I can't believe your brother drank his own urine. That fakakta kid will do anything.

(example 2) Their house in in this fakakta part of town. Let's just say that you don't want to raise your kids there.
by straightballah June 25, 2007
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The combination of two words, both meaning nonsense. When put together, it translates to "Nonsense Nonsense" which of course, is nonsense in itself.
by Neko713 June 5, 2013
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All the kids these days are saying "that's whack" or "that's crazy."

There's a much better way to express that something seems amiss. I urge people to use this new term when something isn't right.
Suzie has just told Bobby that he must stay at school an extra 2 hours to complete a project.

Bobby replies by saying, "That's straight up fakakta farms!"
by Captain of Industry November 22, 2009
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