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1.Instrument for measuring the amount of a persons gayness.
2.Something that registers or responds to gayrods, or anyone that could be considered a homo
Dude 1: "Hey! Lets go clubbin and wear pink stripped button down shirts and drink Appletini's and Red Bull and Vodka's all night. Then come home wasted and give eachother backrubs!"
Dude 2: "Hold on one second......." long pause
(leaves room to grab fagometer)
Loud buzzing noise emits from fagometer
Long pause
"Dude, you are an off the charts fagasaurus!!!"
by Jontastic May 04, 2005
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Works like gaydar, but puts it's results on a scale of 0.0-10.0
That dude tripped off my gaydar, but he only registers 4.6 on the fagometer.
by redheadbass February 14, 2011
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Used to measure the level of fagocity of a person. Generally it ranges from 1 to 10.
I measured his fagocity using my fagometer. He was a 10 out of 10.
by KIutchy November 29, 2009
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