FagRag- a boy who has shaggy hair that is pretty long. Thus he is a fag, who has a rag on his head...hence fagrag
Damn, brett has a fagrag, what a queer.
by Markz May 04, 2004
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the male homosexual version of a tampon, used to soak up excess blood from assholes usually most commonly used by people new to ass sex or those who like it ruff and dry.
Anthony:I haven't changed my fag rag for days it crusted into my asshole, anyone want to try and break it free?
by kristarkrustar June 02, 2009
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N. Usually used as a humorous commet to a friend.
Can also be derogatory.

A guy that is equivlent to a towel that dries a mans crouch.
A.K.A. a fag.
"that guy's a fag rag!"
by A.W.F. November 01, 2007
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the lesbian best friend of a homosexual male. Similar to a "fag hag" except the woman is a lesbian.
That gay guy, Patches, has a best friend Panda who is a lesbian. She is his fag rag.

"Hey, they're a cute couple!"
"No way, he's gay and she's his fag rag! Check out that butch haircut!"
by panda_star April 30, 2009
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A rag used to clean sperm after any kind of sexual contact of the penis. Usually used to identify people from assholes, rude, annoying, or stupid.
Guy1: "Dude! Did you see that fag rag!"
Guy2: "Yeah! He's so annoying!!"
by Robert Chow:) November 25, 2011
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