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A creamy cookie made out of fig paste and gayness.
Person A: Hey bro, check out these Fag Newtons! They're awesome!

Person B: Sorry man, I'm not gay. I only eat Fig Newtons.
by pewp man January 22, 2016
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A fig newton filled with liquified gay men
Bill: "hey man are you for gay rights"
Tommy: "well I mean I eat fag newtons so no"
by Phoenixel October 20, 2016
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A homosexual friend that shows up to a location with baked goods (your house, a party, a picnic, etc).

Why? Because a cookie is just a cookie, but Fag Newtons are fruits with cake.
Husband: The neighbor came over last night. He brought us some cupcakes.
Wife: What a Fag Newton.

Gay Guy 1: We're going over to the neighbors' tonight.
Gay Guy 2: Should we take anything with us?
Gay Guy 1: Don't be a Fag Newton.
by SpooN Foy January 30, 2018
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