A fussy, indecisive individual, prone to procrastination, dithering between tasks,and who is easily distracted and achieves very little. In-two-minds, he/she flops from one thing to another and starts all over again.
"A faffer is the enemy of time, effortlessly consuming it while pretending to be constructive" - Quote
George emptied his rucksack and reordered the contents putting his shaving gear at the top, deciding he would need it first when he got off the plane, changed his mind and replaced it with his route map. What a faffer! At the last minute he wanted a pee, and the airport coach left without him.
Elmerdale was a wet. His girl-friend always had to tell him what to do. Left on his own he would faff his life away with trivial, unimportant tasks, getting in a muddle, forgetting the things that mattered. He polished his glasses three times before a stranger at the next table reminded him he had cleaned them already and pointed out his shirt cuffs were soaked with tea.
by Henley July 28, 2007
n. derivation of "FAF" (Fuck And Forget) 1. an attractive woman that would only be good for a one night stand
2. an attractive woman who's personality is unattractive, but who's body is built for sex

v. to have sex with a faffer
She's not really the type of girl you'd wanna date. Yeah, she's a real faffer.

The chick won't shut up about herself, but I'd still faffer.
by johnnyb March 26, 2005
someone who owns a Faff (Toyota Celica GT4 ST205), and so cannot resist faffing about on it - modding, polishing, toying, wiping, preening, shining, buffing, more modding, painting, chroming, blinging.. they just never bloody stop!
'ere, seen Karl's car? He just can't stop faffing about with the thing!
"yeah, a real faffer if ever there was one!"

also "I have faff, must faff about!"
by pob1 June 24, 2006
i liked a faffer last night, i did.
right after i shaged that sheep over thur.
by :~) November 25, 2003
Derivative: Faffis/Faffelgaggler

A big, fat, rhinosaurus female chef who is mega-snarky and potentially a pretentious vegan.
"We thought she farted on our food at this famous Chicago restaurant, but then we heard her growling in the kitchen 'That's naught ah sowsaage! *burp* *fart* it's naught veegeen, and I'mma veeg! bahhhhhhhh! *burp* *fart*' We then became gravely terrified and returned our food and refused to pay our bill because a Melissa McCarty monster was cooking it. Don't cha know Melissa McCarthy's mating call goes like this 'Bahhhhh! Sowsaaage!' lol damn, she's such a faffer."
by BeefyPonsker July 24, 2017
Brit to spend your time doing a lot of unimportant things instead of the thing you should be doing
I wish you'd stop faffing about and do something useful! Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs
by Nina24 June 21, 2005

A person who faffs about uncontrollably.
that boy is peeing on the casket, hes a blimin' faffer!!!
by Ed’s wife June 23, 2022