the group of people that refuse to jam on every given weekend.
Those fackers are the only people who won't jam like it's going out of fashion. Spread the word, dig?
by rossevan September 18, 2007
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one word for fucking knackered, uttered when you are so over it you don't have the strength to use both words, usually said accidentally after a long shift.
"i'm fackered", "she looks fackered", "he was fackered", "you look fackered"
by katie crowley April 20, 2007
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1) A group of super awesome amazing kids with nothing better to do than stickam with each all day then watch the others sleep while pulling all nighters and eventually start hanging out in real life.

2) That one group of kids that sing HSM songs at lunch.

3) Francine, Alelujah, Chelsea, and Kim. And on occasion BoSuh + Taylor.
"Look at the FACKers. They're so loud! I wish I could be as cool as them."

"Here comes the FACKers again, oh but wait, there's only 5 of them?"
by FACKers April 16, 2010
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Hey, you Facker!

You're a real Facker, aren't you?
by F3d3l April 22, 2020
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