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the group of people that refuse to jam on every given weekend.
Those fackers are the only people who won't jam like it's going out of fashion. Spread the word, dig?
by rossevan September 18, 2007

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An unfortunate affliciton of the neck and spine for both women and men which is contracted via the rhythmic motion of "giving head", hence causing "head ache"
Oh man, according to Danny Sessions, Chat Dodds couldn't have left that party without severe "head ache". You know....because of all the gobbies.
by rossevan October 03, 2007

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A dismissive comment, to be used in unicin with a silencing "Bah!" and a reference that the victim enjoys sexual relations with their own mother.
"Bah! Get a dogupya and go back to doing your own mother while you're at it."
by rossevan September 27, 2007

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