Fack: alt. spelling is "faak". Substitute for "fuck". Often referred to as a "ghetto" term. Is widely accepted.
"Fack! That's huge!"
by G. M.-H. May 28, 2003
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To be fired from your job. ie. Fired + Sacked = FACKED ...also a non-expilict version of "fuck" used mainly by poor people with no vocabulary.
Fackin hell...got facked off my boss today!!

FACK MAN!! its the police!! heavy boost!!
by Fowley May 25, 2005
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When the term fat-fuck becomes to long and inconvienent, fack comes into play
John: Hey let me get at your hotdog *yoink*

Alexis: Dammit!!!! John is such a fack!!!
by tuba sal November 06, 2010
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To have your facebook status or page hijacked. Facebook + hacked = facked.
Last Sunday, when we were out partying, my phone was stolen by my friend and I got totally facked.
by Bluebell Possum August 24, 2011
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