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(noun) - A medical condition caused by making out with a guy who has a lot of stubble. Characterized by redness, itchiness, flaky skin, and/or a general feeling of burning on the facial area, especially near the mouth.
"Fuuuck! The guy I hooked up with last night hadn't shaved in three days, and now I have faceburn!"
by borninmay April 09, 2010
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Plugging in an offensive or obnoxious status update on a Facebook account that has been left open. Sort of teaches people to log off their account when using a public computer.
Don Pedro: Loves guys in tight jeans
Martin Barrera: is taking the day off from school to divorce his wife
user name: insert random offensive status

...this would be a faceburn
by phell November 05, 2009
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The act whereby a man gets shot down in visible, actual flames after propositioning a girl under the age of 24.
Nick got faceburned when Tori said "NO!".
by Jacques Asse February 03, 2009
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Face Burn: Much like the term Burn! when Person calls burn they then move their hand from the top of their face to the bottom, while saying burn, or faced, or face burn.

The palm starts at the forehead and ends with the fingers and the chin. commonly used to make fun of the person being insulted.

seen in the movie Cabin Fever
Dr mumbo, Whats he a doctor of?

You like apples?
Well i fucked your sister how do you like them apples
by Lemackbl January 16, 2008
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Any form of rejection on the website, applicable to any circumstance. Faceburning is hazardous to human health.
by EK3000 March 12, 2009
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