facebooking is when using facebook for EXTREMELY long amounts of time
and/or never get off facebook
"hey is such a facebooker he never gets off facebook"
"yeah i know he is facebooking all the time"
by instagramer June 02, 2014
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Booking your hotel, restaurant table or cinema tickets for example through Facebook. Evolving the digital journey through social media.
Browsing on Facebook, feeling hungry. Book a table for dinner on a brand page without leaving Facebook or lifting the phone. Facebookings - Ultimate convenience!
by pjpbarnes January 26, 2012
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(v). To use personal knowledge, info, trust, or other uncomfortable means to coerce an audience into reluctantly accepting a narrative.
Zucc: Strangers on the internet are bad. The future is Groups, the internet is the new living room.
Me: Mark, stop Facebooking me.

Zucc: Facebook is and always has been a privacy company.
Silicon Valley: Bro is he Facebooking us again? They've been selling our data to the highest bidder to years.

Zucc: TikTok is almost like the Explore Tab we have on Instagram.
Everyone on TikTok: He still Facebooking over there? *hits whoa*
by parjungulate9000 December 10, 2019
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verb- wasting time away on Facebook.com; being on Facebook.com; chatting with friends on Facebook.com
I don't text, try Facebooking me next time
by me_again42594 August 20, 2010
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