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The value someting gains by being put up on or displayed on facebook. thus making it that much more "real". This can be varified by checking facebook or by a spot of facebooking. When checking the face value of something a person cannot be said to be a facebook stalker.
Also a person who makes a comment which has no face value may be humiliated, insulted and called a total loser very publically.
person 1: 'wow so Tom just told me he and Kate are dating now!"
person 2: 'Na i just checked their facebook pages and they both listed them as single, so clearly that statement has no face value"
Person 1: 'good bit of facebooking Tom is clearly such a loser
by Izzy Valentino November 16, 2009
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1. This term is used when someone has a good face.
2. It is also used when someone, preferably male, tells a very funny joke of course.

Antonym: AIDS value
- 'You have face value mate.'
- 'Of course, I am Phil Collins.'

- 'That's a very funny joke. I love jokes about AIDS and women's rights.'
- 'Indeed, wouldn't you agree that it has incredible face value?'
- 'Of course.'
by Linvoy Primus November 20, 2007
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