Four twenty Forever Forever Four twenty
My tattoos were ffff
F. F. F. F. , mutter "f"er!
by Sid iksick September 15, 2018
A zombie face emoticon. The f's represent hands.
Person 1: Dude are you awake?

Person 2: f(x_x)f

Person 1: What the fuck?

Person 2: I'm a zombie
by Malignant Mind September 10, 2008
acronym for Finish Inside Fall Asleep
Its much better to F I F A than to pull out.
by A d a m October 16, 2007
This position is where the female is lying on her back while the male proceeds to face fuck her while at the same time fingering her
"Dude, last night i F F & F'ed the shit out out of this bitch!"
by Joel Beach September 7, 2006
a) F-Y-F = Fuck Yeah, Friday!!
b) the morning of a friday, where one realizes how much entertainment the upcoming weekend has to offer.
let's say you go to bed thursday night, just one more day of school and you know of a fucking sweet party that next night! you wake up friday morning for school, turn off the alarm, sit up and think to yourself..."F-Y-F....FUCK YEAH, FRIDAY!!" and then the rest of the day goes by better knowing that it's fuck yeah, friday!!
by jan_the_man October 15, 2010
1) Food & Fucking. One of the main reasons men stay in relationships with women they don't particularly like is because of the free food and the free sex.

2) First & Fifteenth, a term, record label and street corner made famous by Chicago's finest, Lupe Fiasco.
1) Mark: Hey didn't Fogel break up with that bitch? I thought he said he doesn't even like her?

Tony: Yeah he can't really stand her at all, but he's staying in it for the F & F.

2) Just listen to any Lupe song
by Anthony FreeMason June 7, 2010