A Male or Female that is very good looking, and has an amazing heart and soul to go along with it that makes them just that much more good looking!
Robert Smith, and Ashley Pell are Fine as Fuck!
by Ash$$$ June 17, 2019
'Some of them cute some of them fine as fuck' Nate Dogg "Thugs Get Lonely Too"
by (v)att April 28, 2005
This phrase is used for the ultimate bomb ass boyfriend, he should be loyal, handsome, smart, funny, adorable and one of a kind!!!!
Girl1:Gurl how are you dating Michael !!? so many girls are waiting in line for him !!!
Me: No, he is MINE and why is that a bad thing? He is fine as fuck!!
by Milamimi January 8, 2019
A Full frontal expression used to compliment a women who is extremely beautiful.
That woman right their is Straight up F.A.F((Fine As Fuck)).
by Day2Day1nSociety January 6, 2011
The word means that no one cares of the thing that your doing
David:Hey bro! Watch I am gonna say Gucci gang 1000 times!
Fred:Who gives a fine fuck?
by XxThisisnotmyrealnameXx March 5, 2018
The only acceptable response to a disagreement or negative comment.
Bob: I think we should leave for the party at 6:00.

Linda: No, I have to finish some business. We should leave at 6:30.

Bob: Fine FUCK YOU THEN, bitch!
by ImAshroom69 May 24, 2011