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The most sweetest person you can ever meet she is the funniest person to be around and she is real easy to talk to and she can keep secrets if you wanted her to and she is very huggable and lovable !!😚💖💕
Girl 1. Who is this Ezme chick I'm hearin bout ..
Girl 2. Oh she is really funny and I know how you like funny people so go talk to her
by dem magcon boys August 18, 2014
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Ezmë is one of the best people you can meet in our life because she's funny and so beautiful. She's also reallyyyy loves all cute things especially cats. She may be weird however it's in a good way! And everyone loves for it. All round she's so so nice and kind. She will always have her friends backs!
Sophie "hey I saw Ezmë"
Alan "Really omg, she's so amazing"
Sophie "ikr"
by Ezmë❤️️ January 04, 2018
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The thickest girl in school , everyguy wants her. She is funny , nice , kind and could kick ass. Everyone wants to hang out with her because she is so popular ! She is super beautiful and unique ! She can sing super good.
“ hey , have you heard of that ezme girl?”
“ yeah she hella thick
by jeniiiiiii July 09, 2018
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