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A situation in which you win a game easily by destroying the enemy team without much effort, or by making very successful plays. "Ez clap" is commonly seen in Overwatch, although it is relevant in other games.
After they stomped the enemies in the first round of the game, they exclaimed "ez clap" in the all chat.
by MeloRaven January 22, 2018
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The term one would put in the chat of a rainbow six siege game after pulling a decent play on the enemy team.
Commonly used with the term clapped his cheeks.
*gets a hipfire dropshot through a wall*
recruit_yuh: ez clap
by recruit_yuh December 31, 2018
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Used to express the absolute and complete domination of the opponent. Use of the phrase became widespread and popular because of the realization that the booty go clap clap clap
Person 1: *Wins in a competition* HA! Ez clap!
Person 2: Fuck you, man.
by phimatt May 31, 2018
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