When someone checks you out for an extended period of time.
Laurie: "Ann Marie, that creepy guy just totally eyeraped you."

Ann Marie: "I'm never wearing a skirt again."
by Grant Tucker May 22, 2008
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eyerape is the equivalent of earrape for your eyes
A: “yo what you doing?”
B: “I’m on Discord”
A: “yo dude wtf, is that light mode? that shit’s eyerape at it’s finest”
by Taco Kid Guy IDK July 30, 2020
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to tear the clothes off of someone with your eyes
she eyeraped the guy before agreeing to the date
by fleshy March 26, 2005
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Like an earape but for the eyes
Jordan sent me a gif which gave me a massive eyerape
by SuperFuckinDuck September 4, 2020
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An overweight, creepy, or otherwise disgusting person of authority who constantly and consistantly stares at members of the opposite sex- usually coworkers, without any idea of how uncomfortable it makes their victims.
It is very difficult to perform our job correctly while being eyeraped by our boss, who sits behind us.
by Pumba Rocks June 18, 2009
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