A person who is addict to sex and enjoys the thrill of sex with new people.
Jenn is an extrasexual she's always looking for a new guy to have sex with.
by sugarplum April 13, 2015
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i)someone who is overly sexual or highly sexed
ii)someone who is sexually attractive to both sexes/animals/innanimate objects
'kayla is fricking extrasexual'
'now that alex girl is one extrasexual'
by DeadFamou$ October 07, 2006
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extra - outside
An opposite to demisexual.
While demisexuals are sexually attracted to someone only if they have an emotional bond, extrasexuals are losing the sexual interest after they bond emotionally. As a result, these people have usually sexual partners outside their romantic relationships. Although they are not having a satisfactory sexual relations with their romantic partners, they are in need for intimacy and romance, what differs them from aromantic people.
Person 1: I love you so much.
Person 2: Why aren't we having sex then?
Person 1: I have lost a sexual interest with all my partners. I think I might be extrasexual
by MBeho October 07, 2021
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