you use a exsay when you want to call a friend or to get thier attention or when greetin a friend
whats up exsay how u been
by innodolla July 10, 2006
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exsay: female;male
exsay:Female;Male cuddle together
by brittany August 20, 2003
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Sex Machine in Pig Latin. Derived from Latin America, the Mayan tribe used pig latin to perform sex spells. Incan ancestors say if you are under a Mayan sex spell, you will turn into a pile of dip and dots. But you only perform the spell successfully when wearing only the color of the all-mighty Poop Lighta.
Gertrude- "Hey danish lady, EXSAY ACHINEMAY! BOOOOOOOOMMMM!"

Betsy- "Aww damn she blew up."

John jacob- "She wasn't wearing poop lighta colors, DUH!"
by shmiggins3690 February 9, 2011
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immayay avehay exsay ithway ethay itchesbay ownday ethay oadray
by DaCuteRaccoon March 12, 2022
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