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An "evil" word, as said on Space Ghost Coast to Coast by Jack Black.
Jack Black: "Explosiiiiivooooo."

Zorak: "Explosivo? What does that mean? You're FAT?! Bwaahahahahahah!!!"

Jack Black: "No, it's an evil word. You gotta say it deep. EXPLOSIVO."
by Mike February 02, 2004
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A weaker form of the devil - such as something that may posess innocent, young, fat rockstars mid-performance. This is rumoured to have happened to the world reknowned Jack Black numerous times, and the next victim of this rock-anti-God could be you!
"What's the name of the song? Explosivo!
"Don't know what it's about, But it's good to go"
by Malaria July 12, 2005
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