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A condition, generally of a person or animal (but not an inanimate object), in which the person or animal is found to be both cute and humorous. Employed only as a term of endearment.
Porky Pig is short, round, and lovable; he is ewey.
by Cresap August 17, 2005
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1- Something you say when something is yucky.

2- The prettiest and cooliest and awesomest girl in the entire universe.

3- The princess of Pedoland.

4- Husband and wife to many.

5- A really funny word to say.

6- Captain Pedo's secret identity.

7- Complete awesome.

8- The most talented artist ever.
(1.) "This bagel is so ewey."

(2.) "Ewey is so fawking awesome man!"

(3.) "Bow down to the Princess of Awesomeness, Ewey."

(4.) Robert tried to explain to Liney that just because he is Ewey's wife, and Ewey is Liney's wife, that Robert is not Liney's wife. This defies the Transitive Law, where if a=b and b=c, then a=c.... therefore Liney is correct. And a polygamist .

(5.) Sometimes I sit alone in my room saying "ewey" and bust out laughing 'cause it's so darn funny.

(6.) Nobody will ever know that Captain Pedo is really Ewey!

(7.) "That dude is total EWEY."

(8.) "That Ewey girl is /so/ effing talented. Like.... ASIAN-like talented. I'm jealous. </3 "
by Prince Liney January 13, 2011
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